For Nonprofits

Strategic Planning –  We work with your organization to develop a comprehensive, realistic, strategic plan that can be measured and reported so that everyone in the organization, including the board, knows what their responsibilities are in achieving those goals.

Board Development – An organization’s board of directors is its most valuable asset, or should be. Unfortunately, many organizations elect new board members without clearly laying out their responsibilities. This can lead to dissatisfaction of both the board and the organization’s leadership, hampering the ability of the organization to grow, thrive, and accomplish its goals and objectives. We work closely with your organization’s CEO and board to develop an integrated partnership.

Media Relations — Telling your organization’s story in a compelling way is key to engaging donors and volunteers. We create public relations campaigns and pitch your story to national and local media.  We also create  social media campaigns for online fundraising, blogging, and e-newsletter outreach.

Major Gifts Program – We audit your organization’s current development program and work with your CEO and development team to create a major gifts program that ensures that your organization’s major donors have a clear understanding of your mission, and it’s importance to the community at large.

Fundraising Events – We have a solid track record of creating successful fundraising events. We work with your organization to develop signature events that raise necessary funding, increase the organization’s name recognition, and attract new donors.

Corporate Fundraising – We evaluate your organization’s corporate giving levels and explore new sources of corporate support. Where possible, we tap into our extensive network of corporate contacts to start a dialogue that can lead to financial support.

Foundation Fundraising – We have extensive experience researching, identifying, and writing attractive grant proposals for charitable foundations that support organizations like yours. We work with your board and development team to attract new streams of support from foundations.

Direct Mail – Many people believe that the halcyon days of using direct mail for fundraising are over. With postal rates increasing consistently from year to year, they believe it simply is not a good use of an organization’s resources. However, with technology and the vast amounts of data available, the ability to target individuals through the mail has never been greater. We can help you determine whether direct mail makes sense for your organization and create a direct mail program that increases your revenue streams.